University of
Development Alternative

Message of the VC

The University Of Development Alternative (UODA), an institution rooted in traditional values, is committed to making itself a leading center of academic excellence in the country. Its mission is to develop human resources by providing appropriate skills and civic virtues for meeting the challenges of our times. Manned by some of the best teachers, it cares about teaching, and about what they teach, like professionally relevant courses and enriching the qualities of both head and heart. It also emphasizes research and is determined on taking leadership in high-level research.

During a very short period of time, UODA has developed its own culture-vibrant with liveliness, creativity, and dynamism. An excellent environment has already been created; it has already been home to many capable teachers, researchers, and motivated students. We are confident that it may turn out to be one of the greatest seats of learning in the country within a short time. Join us and be proud of your alma mater.

Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam Sharif