University of
Development Alternative

Message of the Pro-VC

It goes without saying that we are living in an age of considerable trepidation. Much of today’s problems have to do with the education system, which prioritizes technical know-how over the development of the human conscience. Most academic institutions have succumbed to the temptation of treating the student as a commodity. The underlying motto seems not to waste time in imparting a complete education, which is cognizant of, and so takes the necessary trouble in developing the multiple facets that make up an individual. Instead, the factory conveyor belt has been set in motion, churning out not responsible and conscious members of society, but technocrats who have graduated in large numbers on the latest fad that promises quick money-making opportunities. If we are to survive as a species, somewhere and sometime all this has got to change. Universities, being the repository as well as the distributor of higher learning, must take the necessary steps to qualitatively modify the present educational system.

The University Of Development Alternative (UODA) started with the noble vision of developing responsible leaders, who can face the daunting realities and global challenges with courage and a strong sense of national pride and moral values. Towards that, the university is opening up newer departments more in tune with the requirements of our society. At the same time, through reduced tuition fees, provision of scholarships, and providing adequate faculty support, the university is promoting a policy of accessible higher education for all enterprising students and not the chosen few. However, the next generation of leadership can only evolve through a highly concerted effort by the university management, teachers, guardians, and last but not the least, the students themselves. On behalf of the university, I ask you all to share with us your bold visions for the future.

Prof. Dr. Ahmadullah Mia